Introduction to IPTV

IPTV stands for “Internet Protocol TeleVision”. In short, it means watching TV through Internet You do not require cable TV Its same as watching a movie by streaming on Netflix.
90 % cheaper than a cable tv. Doesn’t require laying cable wires to each home. Less infrastructure involved You just need : Good internet and IPTV Box
YES and NO. If you have an old TV, you would require to buy an IPTV Box. However, if you have newer models of Samsung, LG TV or Android TV’s, you can access through an app as well.
Think of IPTV Box as a receiver used to capture internet signal and stream on your TV. There are different makes and models of IPTV boxes in market ranging from $100 to $200.
Over 80% of the boxes sold on Amazon under label of IPTV box are not real IPTV boxes.Those are android boxes and would require you to download a third party application to access IPTV. We recommend you buy genuine IPTV boxes which comes with an inbuilt IPTV player.
In order to access IPTV content, you need to sign up with a subscription provider. You IPTV Box needs to be configured in order to access the subscription and your provider should be able to assist you with that.
Yes. You can access it on your phone and tablets ( Both Android and IOS) You can also use it on your firestick. Laptops are not supported Note - Each device requires its separate subscription.
No. Maximum term you can buy at one time is 5 years. There are multiple reasons for it : IPTV servers are very dynamic, they do move platforms very often. Content changes can happen very frequent, you do not want yourself to be tied with one service. Any company/person claiming to provide ‘Lifetime Subscriptions’ never worked, customer end up losing majority of channels/content after only one year.
Similar to any other product or service, each service provider is entitled to re-sell at any price that seem reasonable to them based on their cost. In IPTV, if you buying from an established re-seller, typical yearly cost is anywhere between $100 to $120 depending on the package.
Not necessarily. You only require VPN if your internet service provider is blocking access to IPTV servers. As we know many Internet providers do provide cable services too, it gives them more control over your network and thus can dictate what you can access or not.
As mentioned before, IPTV is streamed over the internet, It is similar to how you stream other video content platforms on internet such as Youtube, Netflix etc. If you have a weak home internet network, any video streaming service would start buffering and IPTV is no different.
Recommended internet speed is minimum 50 mbps. Another key thing is stability of internet, if you internet is even 100 mbps but its not stable and fluctuates a lot in speed, that can be an issue.
Yes. As long as you have access to internet ( with our recommended speed ) , you can attach it with any TV and access IPTV with your box.
The notion of streaming content over internet is not new and IPTV is definitely the future of TV viewing. You have to find right service provider who can provide this service. The other key point is streaming vs downloading. IPTV regulations does prohibit download illegal content on your device and distributing it for resale purpose.
You should always ask for FREE TRIAL before buying any IPTV service. The reason is not all IPTV packages are same. For example certain IPTV package could have more Indian channels vs Spanish or English. By having a trial, you can ensure that IPTV package has all the channels you primarily looking for.
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Unfortunately No and here is the reason : Every device whether it's a tv, tablet or phone have their unique mac address. When adding a service to the device, it can only accept one mac address in the system. It only works in case of m3u URLs however we do not carry those as they are not reliable, unstable and have less relatable content for users.

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